Waterbaths / Hotplates / Stirrers



So-low general-purpose analog (and digital) water baths are available in a variety of sizes designed to meet your application needs. Hinged covers lift to 90-degree “stay-open” position or can be removed completely. The exterior is fitted with temperature resistance plastic and remains cool to the touch to prevent accidental burns, and a leak-free seal even after extended use. So-Low Hotplates offer a large work surface, chemical resistant ceramic top plate, and quick effortless adjustments of heating and/or mixing for precise product control.


Water Baths

• Variety of Sizes
• Cover Lifts over 90° (and can be detached)
• Exterior Remains Cool
• Temperature Resistant Plastic Rims
• Stainless Steel Exterior Shell
• Staines Steel Reserviour
• Fins on Gable Cover to Protect Hands


Hotplates & Stirrers

• Large Work Surface
• Chemical Resistant Top Plate
• White Ceramic Coating
• Safety LED Lights When In Operation
• Quick and Easy Adjustments