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Disruptor Genie Cell Disruptor


Dramatically Increased Disruption Efficiency.
Ideal for difficult glass bead procedures - cell disruptions/homogenizations of yeast cells, bacteria, plant and animal tissue and pellet resuspensions. or anything that requires extremely violent high-speed agitation



Bullet Blender Homogenizer


Homogenizing cell cultures such as yeast and E. coli to tough tissues such as cartilage, tumors, heart muscle and hair, as well as other organs such as liver, spleen, kidney, brain, lung, and skin from mice or rats. Other organisms like Drosphila, C. elegans, and plants are amenable to Bullet Blender™ processing. It's also used for extended vortexing or grinding, like chemical extractions or in applications such as phenol/chloroform extraction and blood processsing.

Next Rocker System

  • Rugged Construction
  • Quiet Operation
  • Excellent Value