Medical Monitors from Infinium Medical are Both Cost Effective and Extremely Accurate

Infinium Medical has a strong reputation for providing high quality, user-friendly and affordable medical equipment in the United States, as well as throughout other major regions in Asia and Europe. Our products are of the highest quality with expansive medical monitoring capabilities for patient transport monitoring, bedside monitoring and operating room monitoring, yet our prices are generally lower than many other medical equipment companies.  

Some of the models we manufacture are:

Patient Monitor - Omni Patient Monitors - Omni II Patient Monitor - Omni III  

Our medical monitors come with a variety of different options, including networking capabilities, high resolution screens, printers, end-tidal CO2 and oximeter readouts  and more. We also manufacture anesthestic monitor equipment and patient monitor roll stands. 

Medical monitors from Infinium Medical are tested and retested by medical professionals and engineers in order to ensure their reliability and accuracy.  All of our equipment is regulatory compliant. Infinium Medical has been manufacturing medical monitors since 2001 and we have continued to expand our business progressively based on the superiority of our products and our ability to meet the needs of every client at an affordable price.  

If you are interested in learning more about our medical monitors please call us today at 514-448-4763.