ADSII Anesthesia Delivery System

The Infinium ADS II anesthesia systems offer pure simplicity in patient ventilation and anesthetic delivery.

The ADSII offers an integrated ventilator with 10.4 inch color screen. Ventilation modes of VCV, PCV, SIMV+VCV+PSV, SIMV+PCV+PS, Manual and StandBy are standard. On screen monitoring of C, R, VTE, VTI, MV, MVspn, f, fspn, J:E, Ppeak, Pplat, Pmini are also standard. The ADSII features simplified gas delivery with digital O2, N2O and AIR flowmeters. All ventilation and gas delivery controls are located within 10 cm one from other to allow for an extremely simplified user interface.

The ADSII features a 1.5 liter capacity absorber system with integrated belows, APL valve and bag/ventilator selection switch. The cartridge type absorber can be easily swapped during surgery for extended procedures. 

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